About Us

Ahmed Sheikh Hassan Al Ansari Trading is a privately owned company with a heritage that dates back to 1960. Our roots began with a vision to provide quality international food products to the diverse population of Qatar.

Starting from humble beginnings at the old SouqWaqif, the ASHA group has grown into one of the largest food marketing & distribution companies in the state of Qatar. Over the decades we have built long-standing reputation for partnering with the world's leading brands across diverse models. The group has diversified with interest ranging from construction to real estate projects in Qatar and even spread out geographically to Singapore, U.A.E., Iran, Korea and Oman

With time tested market reach and knowledge, ASHA group has evolved over time to meet the diverse and growing needs of our country. Our international team thrives on constant innovation in professional practices and distribution models keeping up to date with industry practices, always upholding our heritage of excellent customer service. Our success is based on our commitment to long term and strategic growth of not only our group but also our retail partners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the best quality brands from around the world to Qatar and distribute it in the market through excellence in operation and local partnership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop markets with an in-depth and long-term approach, maintaining at each step the highest ethical standards. At the heart of our mission is the belief that great products should be available to everyone, and we strive to make this possible through our vision driven team approach.

Trade Marketing

Strong and well-established in our distribution and widespread across Qatar and the presence and availability of our products in the market as we are distributing products across Qatar. We are all of the ability to serve our customers unique and fast for all outlets to our customers wherever they are.

Our Partner

Asha Group entered into a strategic partnership with Aujan Industries of Saudi Arabia to form Al Ansari Al Aujan Company in Qatar. This partnership has worked to bring iconic regional brands to Qatar, such as Vimto, Rani, Barbican soft drinks and others such as Wrigley’s chewing gums. This partnership has grown to include setting up strategic manufacturing facilities in Iran.